About McAuliffe

We're a public charter middle school, open to all students, grades 6 - 8. As an Expeditionary Learning community, our hands-on curriculum cultivates high levels of student engagement, responsibility for learning, and enduring character growth.

Our mission is to cultivate within each member of a diverse student body, through the Expeditionary Learning design, an intense commitment to self and community, the courage and insight to set high standards for academic and personal success, and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to achieve those standards.

Become an accredited Expeditionary Learning School serving MetroWest’s young adults in preparation for high school and college.

In May 2012, we renewed by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education through 2017. Following our renewal, the school’s Board of Trustees charged the Executive Director to form a committee comprised of representatives from the community in order to build a strategic plan that will guide the school’s board and leadership through continuous improvement and growth over the next five years.

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Academic Program

Through Expeditionary Learning’s core practices, McAuliffe provides diverse middle school learners with an educational experience that integrates high academic expectations with exploratory learning and character development. Teachers craft Learning Expeditions that launch scholars into in-depth studies of topics such as Massachusetts geology, current space research, the history of navigation, poetry, ancient civilizations, and bridges.

During 2013-14 McAuliffe teachers continued to refine curriculum to ensure alignment with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This will continue to be a work in progress as the school shifts from MCAS to PARCC during 2014-15 and has assessment data to help identify curriculum in need of better alignment. Teachers use curriculum maps called “Target-Assessment Planners” to show the scope and sequence of each Learning Expedition by identifying the standards the unit is aligned to, outlining long and short term learning targets, and methods of assessment.

Target-Assessment Planners are accessible via McAuliffe's intranet, facilitating collaboration among content area teachers and grade level teams. At the end the school-year, teachers reflect on the curriculum, identify ways to improve the course curriculum, and revise the curriculum plans. To ensure vertical alignment of the curriculum, teachers meet during the school-year to share practices and make plans to adjust and strengthen the curriculum.

Learning Expeditions include various assessments: exit tickets, quizzes, tests, open responses, and projects, research, and writing assignments assessed using rubrics and checklists. Accommodations are provided and modifications are made for scholars with accommodations or modifications described in their IEP or 504 plan.

Quick Facts

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Average Class Size

We're located in Framingham, and serve all Metrowest towns: Ashland, Holliston, Hopkinton, Marlborough, Natick, Southborough and Sudbury.

Our class sizes range from 16-25 scholars. Our normal class size is 22 scholars. Classes are typically 60 min long.

About McAuliffe

We're a diverse Expeditionary Learning community for grades 6 – 8. Our hands-on curriculum cultivates high levels of student engagement, responsibility for learning, and enduring character growth. Learn more.

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